What mobile operators provide during quarantine

[ad_1] How mobile operators save basic services during quarantine Photo: One of the most important human needs – communication – is only available by phone or Internet during quarantine. Therefore, the special conditions for the use of basic services that Ukrainian mobile operators introduced at the time of quarantine are very valuable. Let’s consider […]


How coronoviruses have affected online communication: new data

[ad_1] Which communication channels do users prefer during quarantine? How isolation caused by coronavirus has affected online communication. Photo: As a result of the crisis caused by coronaviruses, social networks and instant messengers have increased in popularity in the world. So, according to new figures from consulting company Kantar, the usage of WhatsApp application […]


Ministry of Statistics prepares quarantine enforcement application

[ad_1] How Ukrainian government will combat coronovirus with technology Mikhail Fedorov, head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Photo: The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on a mobile application to monitor compliance with quarantine and self-isolation of Ukrainians. As mentioned by Minister Mikhail Fedorov in an interview Economic realityThere will be no monitoring […]


how to use quarantined cashback

[ad_1] In conditions of self-isolation and massive purchases through the Internet, cashback is becoming an increasingly popular service. Earn money by buying: how to use quarantine cashback Total quarantine gave a second wind to many services – e-commerce has flourished, cashless payments and online services have become much more popular. Among other things, many in […]


What we didn’t know about the film industry

[ad_1] Yes, talent is important, but there is still something in the film industry that many people don’t know about. The source Translation for Mixstuff – Svetlana Bodrick Many people find it easy to make films. Many also believe that having talent guarantees you a role in the best films. Yes, talent is important, but […]