Authorities and Zelensky “cover” corruption – Tymoshenko explained how “the servant of the people” steals Ukrainians



The head of the “Homeland” Yulia Tymoshenko was extremely dissatisfied with the behavior of the “servants” of the Rada. She said the refusal of the “servants of the people” of the Provisional Anti-Corruption Investigation Commission to review the affairs of Naftogaz is direct evidence of the internal indulgence of corruption.

Yulia Tymoshenko
Yulia Tymoshenko. Photo – 5.UA

This was reported by Tymoshenko herself, reports “MFN” with reference to the department Vlasno.

“The Naftogaz corruption model has been placed on the agenda of our committee. Many hoped that all questions would be answered. But without exception, the people’s deputies of the “Servants of the People” who are members of this commission voted so that the question of Naftogaz is not taken into account at all, “she said.

After that, Tymoshenko said that she would not just leave this important issue. “Fatherland”, according to her, will seek justice for the examination of the “Naftogaz” case.

“The country needs to hear the truth about the money that goes through side projects. Ukraine is not a poor country, but a rich one. We can now help people and take action to survive the coronavirus and economic disruption, ”she said.

Thus, in view of the above, the head of the “Homeland” reported that Vladimir Zelensky and the “servants” were engaging in corruption in the country by inaction and ignoring the problems.

Recall that Putin is losing power in Russia: mass riots against Moscow have increased in the regions.

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