Authorities cut map of Ukraine: ‘shame’ brought shameful nuance to Donbass



The new concept of zoning for Ukraine presented by the Ministry of Regional Development does not stand up to criticism.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

The authorities are drawing a map of Ukraine.
Authorities cut a map of Ukraine, there is no occupied part of the Donbass. Photo:

This was said by the host of the program “Bad evening” Igor Lesev. According to him, it is supposed to introduce 112 new ones instead of 490 old districts. At the same time, the division of Ukrainian territory into regions seems very strange. The host noted that there are areas in which the population is over one million people, and there are some in which less than 100,000 people.

Calling this project a reform of the country’s decentralization, the authorities should also involve the transfer of authority from the center to the districts.

“Well, what powers do the new domains receive?” How will the executive vertical be formed in them? By direct destination of Kiev? So how does it differ from what it was? “ – wonders the host.

And the regionalization map of Donbass is of the greatest interest, in which the borders of all the new areas coincide with the line of demarcation.

According to Lesev, this can only be said about one thing: the Ukrainian authorities refuse the occupied part of the Donbas. And the new map of Ukraine confirms it.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine is further from the world in the Donbass.



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