Authorities ready to tighten quarantine: Shmygal called condition



The Prime Minister of Ukraine spoke at the briefing on the 100 days of work of his government to toughen quarantine in the country.

Denis Shmygal
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After the quarantine was gradually weakened in Ukraine, the number increased sharply. The situation this week became particularly critical and today, June 11, an anti-record appeared in Ukraine – 689 patients per day.

This situation obliges the Ministry of Health and the authorities as a whole to review the quarantine. In particular, the authorities are ready to further strengthen the quarantine measures:

“If we have 10 or more zones with a high number of cases, if there is a hyperbolic growth of cases, we will increase the quarantine again.”

At the moment, noted Shmygal, in Ukraine, there is a “relatively worse” situation with COVID-19:

“We observe the fluctuations every day. But we also know how to manage this situation. “

According to the Prime Minister, at present, adaptive quarantine continues to operate in the country and each region decides what and when to weaken / tighten. In the near future, the Cabinet of Ministers will not refuse adaptive quarantine.

Recall that we wrote earlier than today, in Ukraine, they can tighten quarantine.



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