Automatic photo and video capture will work on the roads from June 1



Automatic photo and video capture will work on the roads from June 1

Automatic photo and video capture will work on the roads from June 1

05/31.2020 13:47


The automatic recording of photos and videos on the roads of Ukraine to correct infringements in the field of road safety will work from 1 June.

The corresponding decision was taken at a government meeting on May 20.

According to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, June 1 will gain 17 photo and video traffic recording points. Thereafter, their number will increase to 40, and generally plans to open 700 of these points.

The Communication Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that video recording cameras had been installed in Kiev and on highways in the Kiev region in places where traffic accidents were concentrated and had serious consequences. In the future, they will be installed throughout Ukraine.

At first, only the speed facts will be recorded in automatic mode. Gradually, already this year, the system will also record other traffic violations – switching to a prohibitive traffic control signal, violation of stop and parking rules, as well as a ban on vehicles from driving on along the track for vehicles with a fixed route, along the sidewalks or sidewalks, exit on the oncoming lane.

The fact of fixing the violation can be noted: from administrative decisions, which are sent by e-mail, if a corresponding request has been made to the Ministry of the Interior; on the official websites of the Ministry of the Interior and the main service center of the “Electronic driver’s office”; the factor that makes the decision at the place of registration of the offender; representatives of the authorities of the border guard service who submit a resolution at the border post – to foreigners and stateless persons who have imported a vehicle into Ukrainian territory registered outside its borders.

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If the vehicle is used by several people (for example, taxi drivers), the prosecution decision must be made to the person for whom the vehicle is registered in the corresponding register of the Ministry of the Interior. If the right user is defined, responsibility is the right user. If the vehicle is registered with a legal entity – the head of the legal entity.

The decision can be taken without the participation of a person within 3 days from the date of issue. It comes into force: from the date of receipt; from the day of refusal to receive it; from the day of return of the postal item, if you have not received the order sent; the day of delivery by its border guard. The time limit for appealing the decision is 10 days from the date of entry into force of the decision. On appeal, these periods are suspended until the question is settled on the merits.

As indicated, on March 12, the Ministry of the Interior presented a pilot project for a system for correcting administrative offenses in the area of ​​road safety in automatic mode. The launch of this system was scheduled for May 1, but has been postponed due to quarantine.

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