Avakov can only be dismissed in one case – political scientist Fesenko said that deputies could dismiss the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs



As Vladimir Fesenko notes, all those who think that the deputies will be able to dismiss Avakov will be very disappointed.

Arsen Avakov
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He wrote about it on his page in Facebookwrites “MFN”.

“I want to disappoint all those who hope for the resignation of Avakov after his report to the Rada: most likely, it will not be. And, first, because the opposition factions demand it … And why give the opposition such a gift? “

According to Fesenko, if anyone can fire Avakov, it is President Vladimir Zelensky:

“And the fact that the head of the interior ministry reports to the people’s deputies will be like a cold shower and a kind of” prokuhan “of the parliament, so that he stops” hobbling “and losing his sense reality.”

But the fact that Avakov is becoming increasingly toxic to Zelensky and his team is an obvious fact, writes Fesenko, and the OPU should already be looking for a replacement for the current interior minister:

“When will this happen?” I think the best option is after the fall election, when there is another change of cabinet. And that must be done so that Avakov is aware of his departure at the last moment … If that is possible. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that in Parliament they collected signatures for the resignation of Avakov.



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