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Avoid the crowds on Easter holidays.

The deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Kirill Tymoshenko, said this in an interview with Ukrainian Truth.

“Easter … is a great holiday for everyone. But also the mass crowd near the churches – we are very afraid of it,” said Tymoshenko.

He added that President Zelensky met with church officials during Easter celebrations.

Tymoshenko noted that it is necessary to ensure that people do not go to church to bless Easter cakes, but stay at home. “This is to dedicate it physically – we have now connected Ukrposhta, Novaya Poshta and others to understand how to make it less contact. It is extremely important for us to avoid congestion”, a said Tymoshenko.

As reported on April 8, the Home Office and faith communities have agreed on the format for the Easter holidays. The service in the churches will take place, however, with the participation of no more than ten people – for parishioners, the broadcast will be done online. A limited number of people can be present in places of worship, namely: a priest, a servant, a clerk and people who technically attend services and ensure online distribution. A prerequisite is the wearing of protective masks or respirators by everyone present, except the pastor.

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Believers are not prohibited from attending the temple individually in the absence of worship, but at the same time, there should be no more than two people in large churches and one in small churches, not including the pastor. Everyone present should wear masks and there should be no lines outside.

As for the consecration of Easter cakes and baskets, there are several possibilities. In cities, priests can be invited to bakeries, factories or shops – to devote Easter cakes to them. In this way, anyone can buy already consecrated bread. In rural areas, believers will be able to put Easter baskets outside the door, and the priest will be able to walk the streets and consecrate them. Thus, it will be possible to minimize the number of contacts between people.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, 1892 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus have been registered in Ukraine. 224 new cases were recorded per day.

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