Babikov may temporarily head GBR – Sokolov



Babikov may temporarily head GBR - Sokolov

By law, the deputy directors of the GDB, in turn, head the department for 60 days, so after Alexander Sokolov, Alexander Babikov can become acting chief.

About this actor State Rescue Bureau director Alexander Sokolov said in an interview with UP

“In our law, it is written that in the absence of the director, the powers are exercised by the first deputy, the deputies take alternately 60 days. At the time of the appointment of Venediktova (attorney general – editor’s note), Babikov was in vacation for family reasons – or on sick leave, I I don’t remember, “said Sokolov.

According to him, he gathered employees, lawyers and signed an order according to which he would begin to exercise his functions for a period of 60 days.

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“Venediktova has already been appointed, she cannot sign orders. And the decision has been made, because there was this period of 60 days, I myself signed an order for me to enter into because there is no one there. The acting director no, there is no Babikov, there is only me and no one else … But the question is – the period of 60 days ends, and “devil’s lawyer” Babikov, as you all write about him, will become acting director of the GDB, for 60 days. Other deputies will be elected, “sums up Sokolov.

As noted, the acting director of the National Bureau of Investigation, Alexander Sokolov, said that he intended to participate in a open competition for the post of head of this department when he announced it.

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