Babikov says he can’t give instructions to GBR investigators



Babikov says he can't give instructions to GBR investigators

Babikov says he can’t give instructions to GBR investigators

05/06.2020 13:44


The first deputy director of the State Investigations Office, Alexander Babikov, assures that he cannot give any instructions to the investigators of the State Security Committee concerning the preliminary investigation, the conduct or the non-conduct of certain investigations and the adoption of procedural decisions.

He said so in an interview with

“I insist, the first deputy director of the Bureau is not the head of the preliminary investigation body. In other words, he is deprived of his procedural rights to influence the investigation. In this position, I cannot give instructions to investigators on the preliminary inquiry, carry out or not carry out any investigative action and take procedural decisions, ”said Babikov.

He clarified that within the GDB, these powers are exclusively the heads of the investigation services, the heads of service and the head of the main investigation service.

According to him, the function of the first assistant of the national investigation office is to facilitate the activities of the structural divisions, the interaction between the structural divisions, including the operational and territorial departments.

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He noted that all inquiries, petitions, complaints sent by lawyers for AVER LEX JSC to the State Duma are sent directly to executors. “The work of investigators in cases where my former colleagues represent the defense is organized in such a way as to escape my authority. And I am not involved in this work, ”said Babikov.

The official noted that in order to avoid various speculations, he submitted a message to the NACP regarding a hypothetical conflict of interest. And the Anti-Corruption Agency has noted his absence.

“… NAPK believes that a potential conflict of interest may arise when I am appointed as Director of the National Investigations Office, and I will take into account the statements of the lawyers – my former colleagues. In other words, even in the case of an appointment, a conflict of interest does not automatically occur. To exercise the functions of director of the State Rescue Committee, the only measure that I must take is to inform the NACC. And that’s all! But even direct departmental control over the cases in the investigative units in the “Maidan cases” will be the exclusive prerogative of the deputy, “said Babikov.

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As reported, on January 20, Irina Venediktova, President of the State Duma, said that following the results of the competition, she had signed orders for the appointment of deputy directors of the office. One of them was Alexander Babikov, who worked at the law firm Aver Lex, who defended former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Earlier, the organization “Families of one hundred celestial families” declared that the appointment of Babikov constituted a conflict of interest, because the agency will continue the investigation into “the affairs of Maidan”.

Babikov himself claims that he did not represent the interests of former President Viktor Yanukovych in court as a lawyer, and as the first deputy director of the State Rescue Bureau, he has no conflict of interests related to the investigation into the “Maidan” by the Bureau’s investigators. According to Babikov, in order to avoid a conflict of interest, he tabled a Report from the Director of the Office of State Security, Irina Venediktova, where he indicated the number of criminal proceedings in which he had previously been involved as ‘lawyer.

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