Back up Your iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide


iPhones have been one of the most selling phones in the market for years. It has huge customer demand.

People have globally trusted and used Apple products and especially iPhones. Several customers have, however, faced the problem of storage in iPhones. 

The first way to keep an iPhone clean is by removing similar files, especially photos. In case of saving numerous photos and information that are in the phone, the storage of the iPhone might cause a problem, as endless storage has been a drawback for several customers.

What if the files are not just photos? When it comes to documents, mail attachments, and other small files, piling up and reduction of storage occurs. What to do with the excess photos and files? Let’s find a solution to this problem!

What Does Backing up iPhone Data Mean? 

When a copy of a file is made and stored, it is called backup. In case of excess files that cannot be stored in the iPhone, one can opt for iCloud backup. iCloud saves the excess data as a backup of the phone storage.

One could also learn how to backup iphone on external hard drive, though it would mean investing money in another device.

Why Is Backing up Important in the Case of an iPhone?


Most people can have problems with their digital devices, even their smartphones. A survey done by Blancco Technology Group states that 25 percent of iPhones have failed between the January and March of 2016. Another study reveals that 58 percent of iPhones have failed between April 2016 to June 2016. These reports are enough to snatch away the peace of mind of iPhone users. 

Hence, the outcome stands as one might lose several pieces of information from their phone, like their contacts, texts, photos, documents, mail attachments, etc., because of their failed iPhone. However, as every problem brings in a solution, there’s a solution to this drawback as well. And the solution is backing up the storage and files of the phone. 

How to Back up Files on an iPhone Using iCloud?

Backing up files saves the storage of the phone. In order to backup files in an iPhone, one has to follow a set of simple steps, which are as follows: 

  1. One has to go to Settings, then type your name, then go to iCloud, followed by selecting iCloud Backup.
  2. The next step is to turn on the iCloud Backup. iCloud can automatically back up files from the phone when the phone is connected to WiFi, locked, and connected to power. 
  3. In order to undergo a manual backup, one has to tap Back up Now.

These are the steps to back up files in an iPhone using iCloud storage

What Is the Way to Back up Your iPhone Using a Mac?

Along with backing up in the iCloud, one can also use their Mac to backup files from an iPhone. The steps to do so are as follows: 

  1. One must connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. 
  2. In the Finder sidebar in the Mac, select the connected iPhone. 
  3. On the top of the Finder window, one has to click on the general. 
  4. One has to select “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.”
  5. In order to encrypt the backup data and protect it using a password, one has to select ‘Encrypt local backup’.
  6. Select the option “Back up Now”. 

These are the steps to backup files from an iPhone to a Mac. 

In What Way Can You Back up Your iPhone via Windows PC?

One can easily backup their iPhone to a PC that has Windows. The steps to do so are as follows: 

  1. Connect the iPhone to the PC with a USB cable. 
  2. In the iTunes app on the PC, one has to click on the iPhone button that resides near the top left corner of the iTunes window. 
  3. Click on the summary. 
  4. Click on Backup Now. 
  5. In order to encrypt the backups, one should click on “Encrypt local backup”, type and password, and then click on set password.

These are the steps to back up an iPhone to a Windows PC. Thus, these are the different ways to backup files and documents on an iPhone. Each of these is an individual way of getting the backup done, depending upon the user to choose amongst these options.

Final Words

There are several other ways by which you can transfer your storage data into your iPhone. Apple is a huge brand in the digital market. iPhones have always been popular and profitable for the company. Nonetheless, every product has some problems with it, be it directly or indirectly connected to the product. 

In case of storage deficiency, iPhones can face major problems in situations of endless files, such as email attachments, random media files, or temporary app data. And the solution to that problem is to keep the phone clean and spacious. However, when it’s not possible to remove excess or unwanted files manually, one can easily back up their files to the iCloud, to their Mac, or their PC, thus solving the storage problem.

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