Bank of Australia launched a virtual assistant that recognizes emotions


The bank’s new AI-employee is able to smile in response during a conversation and follow the negotiator’s eyes

Bank of Australia introduced a virtual assistant that recognizes customers’ feelings. Photo:

Westpac, one of Australia’s largest banks, made a virtual start Assistant wendy, Which is able to recognize customers’ feelings and respond to them when they communicate via video. In particular, the financial institution’s new AI-employee is able to bring back and follow the negotiator’s eyesight during the negotiations, the bank’s website reported.

Unlike a Westpac virtual assistant named Red, who helps customers with basic banking services, Wendy’s job is to serve as a digital business consultant for young Australians, combining four artificial intelligence technologies.

Wendy’s “thinking” ability is based on the speech communication system of the IBM Watson supercomputer, and “listening” and “speaking” skills are based on Google Cloud Services. The subsidiary’s presence was created by Soul Machines, a New Zealand startup.

The idea of ​​developing Wendy is tied to the results of the Westpac research, according to which a third of Australians between the ages of 14 and 18 are uncertain about finding the first job and self-managing finance. Therefore, more than two-thirds of adolescents (71%) do not feel confident in opening a bank account for payroll.

Annie Shoe, Westpec Lead Innovation Specialist, managing Wendy’s six-month development, said that over time, after receiving feedback from users and supporting training, they can “improve” it. In the future, Wendy will be able to help customers with savings and preparations for holidays abroad.

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