Banks and financial companies will get 1 year fintech software from due to coronary crisis


This will allow financial companies to reduce transaction fees for merchants.

today,, A provider of financial technology, announces the provision of fintech software for 1 year for all companies with a valid financial license of Ukraine, as well as for Europe and the UK. The initiative aims to reduce the negative economic impact of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Alexey Malashev

Pavel Sideleve, STO noted that the era of cashless payments is approaching. This means that cyber security and fraud prevention will be more relevant than ever.

Pavel Sidewell


SDK.Finance is a core payment software for banks and fintech companies with a strong API layer. The platform consists of 5 main components: backend 400+ API points, 3 frontend frameworks and a web version for management with an end users option for iOS and Android applications.

Benefits of software built on the basis of API-first architecture:

  • The release speed of new features and products is very high.
  • Maintenance costs are more cost effective
  • Significantly fewer errors at work and more stable products at exit

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