Beekeeper threatens Kiev: the head of the “LPR” announced a “fair” punishment for Ukraine



On the “L / DPR” side, fairly strong threats have started to resound against Kiev. This time, the head of the “LPR” terrorists Leonid Pasechnik said that the Ukrainian authorities would be responsible for each child killed in the Donbass. After that, he said that Ukrainian politicians would face “fair punishment”.

Leonid Pasechnik
Leonid Pasechnik. Photo –

This information was reported by ““, Mentioned by the media of the separatists, reports” MFN “.

“Children who live in settlements near the contact line in Donbas territory are still hiding in the basements due to the bombing of the security forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We will never forgive that in Kiev. We will always remember the horrors that the children of Donbass went through, “he said at the outset.

After that, the leader of the separatists made reference to statistics that say that the war claimed the lives of thousands of people. Because of her, he said, 34 children died. The youngest was a few weeks old.

“Military-type crimes are not subject to the limitation period. Those responsible for these deaths will surely suffer a just punishment. Each culprit will be responsible for each tattered life of a child, ”he said at the end.

At the same time, Sandbox has not provided any argument for the fact that it was the Ukrainian army that killed these children. Perhaps it was another false provocation. However, experts have reported nothing about this.

Recall the scenario of Crimea in the Baltic countries: the media have revealed what Putin could soon do.



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