Before the advent of the “liberators”, so many things, but they received hryvnias – the blogger talked about the wages of miners in the “DPR”



A hochu_domoy blogger reports that in some mines in the occupied Donetsk region, in addition to the fact that there are wage arrears, they have also been reduced considerably. The blogger published on his page on the social network a photo of the payroll of one of the miners. The statement shows that an occupied Donetsk miner earns 14,974 rubles a month, which corresponds to 5,273 hryvnias.

minors in
Minors in the “DNR”. Stock Photo –

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to blogger hochu_domoy, reports MFN.

Blogger hochu_domoy on his social media page shared a pay photo of one of the miners who works at the Yasinovka-Glubokaya mine. According to information published by the blogger, a miner earns 5,273 hryvnia per month and in Russian rubles 14,974.

But the blogger’s inhabitants write that the miners earned several times more before the occupation.

“But before the war, they received up to $ 1,000.”

“Before the advent of the” liberators “, so many things, but in hryvnia they received it.”

“Yes, it’s worth it, to note that a well read salary is not necessarily paid. There are huge debts in the pseudo-republics, ”write the residents.

Earlier, we reported that Goncharenko had said that Zelensky was fully responsible for what was going on in the country.

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