Behind the Scenes: Most Life-Affairing Stories


In a sea of ​​negativity, one can still find something positive, because life is full of contradictions. Here are some Hollywood stories that will warm your heart.

Translation for Mixstuff – Svetlana Bodrick

Hollywood is not considered a terrible, soul-destroying place. We constantly hear dirty stories about sexual harassment, narcotics, and the unfriendly atmosphere on the set. And that’s just disgusting.

But in this sea of ​​negativity, you can still find something positive – because life is full of contradictions. Here are some Hollywood stories that will warm your heart.

Sophie Turner shelters her “Lutovolka”, or Dog, who played her faithful companion’s name as Lady in the film “Game of Thrones”.

Turner says that he and his family fell in love with Lady, her real name, and decided to take her to him after doing the film.

Mara Wilson’s colleagues in the film Matilda help her deal with her mother’s illness.

Mother Wilson was seriously ill during the shooting of the film, and died 6 months after the film’s ending.

The actress says that her cinema family – the father played by Daddy de Vito and the mother played by Ray Perlman – alleviated the pain of her loss. According to him, they were for his “beloved aunt and uncle”.

Although not much fun filming in a horror film, Carrie Hayne, who played the newt girl in the movie Aliens, still had the opportunity to hang out.

Henne says that she intentionally began filming the scene in which Newt falls into the vent pipe, only to ride the pipe again. He continued to do this until James Cameron understood his move.

Viggo Mortensen loves horses very much.

Mortensen owns two horses that he rode in The Lord of the Rings. He says that he bought one of them after making good friends with her, and then bought another horse so that the first would not feel lonely. Later, he also bought a horse with which he starred in the film Hidalgo.

Director Michael Bay helped find a home for Britain’s “lonely dog”.

During the filming of Transformers: The Last Night in the UK, Bey heard of the epileptic dog Frye, who had spent more than 6 years at an animal shelter without a home search. Bey gave her a role in the film, hoping to get her home. Frye starred in the scene alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins. Bey’s hopes were justified, and Freya was taken into the family.

Chris Pratt hired some star Lord Westest to meet sick children.

In an interview prior to the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt admitted that he stole something from the wardrobe of Star Lords because he wanted to be able to visit children in hospitals if the film became a hit. Thus, he wanted to please the children with a meeting with his beloved hero.

Robin Williams helped Steven Spielberg avoid the difficult and frustrating process of filming the Shindlers list.

Spielberg says that it was very difficult for him to make a film about Nazi atrocities and Williams helped him cope with depression. Williams called him once a week and entertained him with his comic monologue for 15 minutes.

Director Martin Scorsese played his mother in the film “Goodfellas”.

He played the mother role in Joe Pesky. Mrs Scorsese also cooked meatball spaghetti for a scene. If his cooking was as good as his son’s direction, it would probably be delicious.

Sylvester Stallone returned his dog due to the film Rocky.

According to Stallone, before he was successful, he was so poor that he was forced to sell his dog Batkas for $ 40. As soon as he received the money for his script for the film “Rocky”, he immediately went to rescue his dog, but had to pay $ 15,000 in advance. Batkas played the role of Rocky Dog on screen.

The film Avengers: Chris Evans’s mother’s tears erupt when she sees her son as elderly Steve Rogers in the finale.

No, not because we see Captain America for the last time in this film. She was worried because old man Chris Evans looked exactly like his father.



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