Behind the scenes of the DPR propaganda: the refugee agreed to divulge secret data



The head of one of the self-proclaimed TV channels “DPR” escaped from the “republic” and agreed to go over to the side of the legal authority of Ukraine.

Flag of the “DPR”. Photo –

Refugee spoke about his work as a “DPR” propagandist in an interview with the TV channelUkraine“, Reports” NPF “.

The man worked in the MNR media for three years. He himself lived in Gorlovka, but years later he could no longer tolerate the existing conditions. He asked to leave his identity unknown and hid his face for an interview. His relatives remained in the “DPR” and he feared that representatives of the terrorists would put pressure on them.

He noted that for the media, the “DPR” had given orders to actively use offensive words in the style of “Nazis” and “fascists” in relation to combatants of the armed forces. Ukraine was often referred to as an “inferior state” in these media.

“They clearly explained to us that we should not criticize the local authorities. We had to be positive and praise the ideas of the leaders of the “DPR”, he admitted frankly.

Remember, as noted earlier, fear grabbed me – Peskov about the coronavirus shock.



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