Belarus, Armenia make demands on Putin: Russia faces serious threat



Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, following the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, asked Vladimir Putin to lower gas prices. He was outraged that the Russian Federation created more favorable conditions for Europe and the West than for other closer countries.

Lukashenko and Pashinyan
Lukashenko and Pashinyan. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “RIA News“, Reports” NPF “.

Pashanyan said that Russia, during the coronavirus pandemic, increased the price of gas for Armenia from 150 to 165 dollars per thousand cubic meters. He is convinced that such a Gazprom award is unfair and inappropriate.

“In such a difficult period of the coronavirus pandemic, and with the fall in oil prices, we thought that Russia, as a strategic partner, would at least refrain from raising prices. We stress that the timing is not right for the price of gas to rise, ”said the representative of Armenia.

He called on Russia to resolve this problem peacefully on the basis of an Allied compromise.

Armenia and Belarus do not want to start an open conflict, but if necessary, they can decide on economic pressure in relation to the Russian Federation.

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