Belkovsky spoke of a plot against Putin: an expert presented real facts



It has become known that there is really some kind of conspiracy against the head of the Kremlin. According to political strategist Stanislav Belkovsky, such a plan does not currently exist. However, in this context, he explained what Vladimir Putin was so afraid of right now and why he was hiding in his residence.

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This information was reported by “Dialog.UA“, Quoting an interview with Belkovsky, reports” MFN “.

“To date, I do not see any conspiracy against Putin. If they were, experts would notice groups that would be interested in this. They could have eliminated it with the novice or something else, but that didn’t happen. This shows that the Russian president is now exclusively afraid of COVID-19 infection, “he said.

Belkovsky also ruled out that there could be members of the presidential team playing in the hands of the West. Furthermore, he did not agree with the claim that the security forces could start a riot against the national leader. According to Belkovsky, the power structures of the Russian Federation very often compete for a place in the “manger”.

Recall that the authorities and Zelensky “protect” corruption – Tymoshenko explained how the “servant of the people” steals from the Ukrainians.

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