Better threat Kolya Tishchenko – Goncharenko defended the mayor of Cherkasy



The people’s deputy noted that the mayor is a person elected by the people and not appointed by the president.

Alexey Goncharenko
Alexey Goncharenko. Photo –

On this subject, Alexey Goncharenko wrote in his Telegramwrites “MFN”.

The people’s deputy stressed that his judgments could be “slightly subjective”, but nevertheless:

“Vladimir Alexandrovitch, and you start to threaten Kolya Tishchenko for the fact that his restaurant operates in quarantine … And for all your team who manage your quarantine in one place.”

But the mayor should not be threatened. You didn’t put him there and you didn’t threaten him with criminal cases. You have decided to play something on Bankova. “

Recall that Goncharenko said earlier that Zelensky had started the war against the Ukrainians.



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