Bigtech companies refused to cooperate with Hong Kong police


The other day, BigTech companies said they would not respond to Hong Kong police requests

Facebook, Google and Telegram have suspended cooperation with the Hong Kong Police. Photo:

The world’s largest tech companies Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google and Telegram announced the suspension of processing requests for user data from the Hong Kong government. This is due to the new security legislation, which came into force on 1 July, reports the BBC.

Many countries have already criticized the PRC for introducing legislation “reforming the Hong Kong legal system and law enforcement mechanisms” that, it says, threatens Hong Kong’s autonomy.

BBC website InformThis new law applies temporarily to Hong Kong residents and residents. In particular, it tightens control over foreign non-governmental organizations and news agencies.

According to Stephen McDonnell, a BBC correspondent in China, contact with representatives of international NGOs may now fall under the new law to expose them to violations of the liberty of local citizens.

Telegram was the first company to announce that it would not “process requests for data in relation to users in Hong Kong until an international consensus is reached on the political changes going on in the city.” Soon, other tech companies published their statements on the suspension of cooperation.

British BBC website, It showsSoon, a similar statement will also be made by Apple, one of the bigtech companies whose activities are not prohibited in mainland China.

According to the latest transparency report, Apple complied with most requests received from the Hong Kong government from January to June 2020, before the new law came into force.

Microsoft, which previously passed on its user data to Hong Kong authorities and had a significant presence in mainland China, also did not announce a change in policy.

According to the BBC, the next day the security law comes into force, police Late Hong Kong has more than 300 anti-government activists.

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