Biletsky prepares his Hitler youth – Azarov said National Corps wanted to come to power



Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has again distinguished himself by provocative statements. This time he announced that a kind of Hitler youth was preparing in Ukraine under the supervision of nationalists. According to Azarov, Andrei Biletsky is recruiting children in order to achieve his goals in the political arena.

Mykola Azarov
Mykola Azarov. Photo –

This was reported by myself ex-prime minister on his Twitter, reports “MFN”.

“The neo-Nazi Biletsky began to prepare his own Hitler youth. Its National Corps recruits children and adolescents to organize provocations. Ukrainian radicals are trying to make children achieve these goals. In addition, they attract children from dysfunctional or poor families. There are students from orphanages there, ”said Azarov.

Unfortunately, Azarov did not disclose where he got the information from. Perhaps it was based on a recent investigation by Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shary, who was one of the first to report the participation of underage children in National Corps actions.

Social media users, in turn, expressed their views. Some supported the opinion of the former Prime Minister, while others, saying it was a provocation, told Azarov what was going on in the Russian Federation, where the children were dressed as soldiers and forced to worship the cult of war.

Recall that a large-scale disaster is brewing in Crimea: the media has described the silence of the Kremlin (photo).

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