Bill Gates spoke of the pandemic: “We will not return to normal life sooner than in a year or two”



Bill Gates spoke of the pandemic:

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The name of Microsoft’s creator, 64, Bill Gates, continues to appear in the news of the coronavirus pandemic announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) last March. The Bill and Melinda Gates Charitable Foundation largely funds the organization and is therefore associated with its activities. In a recent interview with Le Figaro, an American billionaire spoke of COVID-19 and the return of the world to normal.

We will not return to normal life sooner than in a year or two. We can get out of this first stage by building an activity system that will eliminate the risk of returning to the exponential phase of the progression of the epidemic … Thanks to a screening and monitoring system, we can quickly identify the areas infection and control them. But we will not resume normal activities, because people will be very concerned about the possibility of infection and will radically change their behavior … Even the decisions of the authorities will not bring them back to the stadiums until there is evidence that treatment or vaccination can prevent death (citation) according to TASS. – About ed.), Said Gates.

Bill Gates spoke of the pandemic:

Bill Doors

The entrepreneur considers the vaccine, the development of which is financed, as the “remedy” for the pandemic. In an interview, he shared a plan to create 14 billion doses. Bill Gates vaccines have a mixed attitude around the world. According to one theory, a pandemic is necessary for an interested group of people to trap people with vaccines, to manage and reduce the world’s population.

Bill Gates spoke of the pandemic:

The attitude towards WHO with the start of the coronavirus pandemic has also changed: doubts have arisen as to the independent vision of the organization of vaccination. Donald Trump, for example, has suspended funding for the WHO, accusing him of misjudging and predicting the COVID-19 epidemic.

In an interview with Le Figaro, Bill Gates admitted that in 2015, he made a speech predicting a pandemic.

Bill Gates spoke of the pandemic:

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