Billy Eilish admitted that former lovers criticized his figure: “I never felt welcome”



Billy ailish

Billy Ailish, 18, became the protagonist of the new issue of the British version of GQ for July-August. In a conversation with reporters, several Grammy award winners discussed body shame and self-acceptance. The singer admitted that all of her ex-lovers criticized her figure, because of which she had serious self-confidence issues.

Here is a sensation: I never felt welcome. My ex-boyfriends did not contribute to my self-confidence. None of them. And this is a very serious problem in my life – the fact that I have never physically attracted anyone,

– shared Eilish.

Billy ailish

It is these self-esteem issues that Billy Ailish explains about her love for loose, closed clothes – she just doesn’t want people to judge her solely by looks:

Therefore, I dress the way I dress. I do not like the idea that you are absolutely each of you, judge a person by his silhouette and other external signs. But that does not mean that I will not wake up one day and decide to put on a T-shirt, as I have done before.

At the same time, Billy Eilish feels that over time she has become hostage to the most unusual style she has created, which has also started to bother her enormously. The singer remembered how, in one period of her life, she tried to be “the same as everyone else”: she went to fashion stores, bought only what was fashionable – so as not to leave the crowd at school. However, this desire not to stand out from the crowd quickly disappeared in the girl.

Sometimes I dress like a boy, sometimes like a boastful girl. Often, I feel trapped in the personality that I created with my own hands. Sometimes it seems to me that the people around me just don’t see me as a woman, ”admitted Billy.

In a conversation with reporters, Eilish said that she had not dated anyone for the “long months” and admitted that she was simply no longer drawn to people. At the same time, the singer does not worry and calls her loneliness a kind of drug.

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