Black humor instead of an answer: Trump edited a popular video for Biden



President Donald Trump hit the net with a new comic book he dedicated to his political rival Joe Biden. The popular video of Ghana casket bearers has acquired a new ironic meaning.

Coffin holders
Coffin bearers. Stock Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference on Trump’s facebook.

The Trump team with the help of the edition added the inscription to the coffin: “President Biden”. In addition, a fragment of an interview with Biden is inserted in the video, where he communicates with a black citizen. During the interview, Biden told his caller that if he supported Trump, “he couldn’t say he was black.”

In turn, Biden previously called Trump “a complete idiot”.

It should be noted that the political skirmishes between the main candidates for the presidency of the United States are only gaining ground. Recently, scandalous “Poroshenko films” have been published, on which Biden has invaded the administration of Ukraine and given orders to Petro Poroshenko.

Remember, as noted earlier, that these scumbags lied – Solovyov accused the media of slander and demanded compensation.



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