Bondarenko lost his temper in the air: “regional” attacked Miroshnichenko with insults



During one of the Nash TV shows, a fairly serious scandal occurred between former Verkhovna Rada MP Igor Miroshnichenko and pro-Russian activist Elena Bondarenko. She called her opponent a tailed monkey because of the former MP’s nit bite.

Elena Bondarenko
Elena Bondarenko. Photo –

About this information was reported by the TV channel “OUR” on its page in Youtube, reports “MFN”.

It should be noted that at the very beginning, the presenters decided to give the floor to Miroshnichenko. He started by saying that Ukraine currently enjoys absolute sovereignty and that the country has its own policy.

“We don’t need to coordinate our actions with our neighbors. This is particularly true for the Russian Federation. But the same can be said of Hungary or Romania. Our country is independent, “he said.

After these words, Miroshnichenko said that Bondarenko’s attitude towards the Ukrainian language could only be associated with poor academic performance. To this, the old “regional” responded in its own way in raised tones.

“A monkey with a tail!” Don’t become personal! She almost said with a cry.

Miroshnichenko only responded with a laugh, calling the pro-Russian activist hysterical.

Recall that Pushilin is out of it because of Zelensky’s position: the negotiations ended in scandal.



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