Both thunderstorms and heat, summer will show what the weather is capable of: forecasts for June 17, 2020



Meteorologist Natalya Didenko said on June 17 the weather in Ukraine should be hot and rainy.

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Weather forecast for June 17, 2020.
In Ukraine, June 17 is hot, but rainy, thunderstorms, gales and hail are possible. Photo:

In Ukraine, Wednesday June 17, it will be both hot and rainy. And in some regions, the rain will pass with hail and a gust of wind of 15 to 20 m / s. No precipitation is expected in the far east of Ukraine.

“Light or moderate rain in the current synoptic situation can instantly transform into heavy rain with a dam and even hail.” – warned Natalia Didenko on her Facebook page.

The wind will be from the south-east, moderate, sometimes gusty. The air temperature will not change much: during the day in Ukraine + 25 … +30 degrees, east to +32, west + 22 … +27 degrees.

In Kiev on June 17 there will be rains and thunderstorms with a temperature of + 27 … +29 degrees.

The weather was previously reported on June 16, 2020.


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