BP Passed Bill Prohibiting Banks From Penalizing Customers For Overdue Quarantine Loans



At today’s meeting, people’s deputies passed Bill 3297, which prohibits banks from collecting fines, penalties and forfeitures for customers’ defaulted loans.

The Verkhovna Rada
The Verkhovna Rada. Photo –

About this writes “MFN”.

Thus, if a client of a quarantined bank delays in repaying a loan, the banks will not be able to impose a fine.

As explained in the Servant du Peuple faction, this bill aims to help people in difficult circumstances due to quarantine:

“Today, the business world has encountered difficulties and the State is doing everything to support it. Our next step is to help those with bank loans.

With this bill, we prohibit banks from imposing fines on entrepreneurs who cannot quarantine in time to pay a loan.

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