Brian Austin Green confirms separation from Megan Fox after 10 years of marriage: “Our paths diverge”



Brian Austin Green has confirmed the separation of Megan Fox after 10 years of marriage:

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Rumors regarding the separation of Megan Fox, 34, and Brian Austin Green, 46, who have been in the press for several months, have been confirmed. Green yesterday when recording one of the podcasts said he and his wife really decided to leave after 10 years of marriage.

Brian admitted that the first difficulties in their relationship with Megan started at the end of last year, after the woman left the country to shoot the photo Midnight in the Switchgrass (the film has not yet been named at the Russian box office), with the 30-year-old rapper Colson Baker. A few weeks after the filming actress returned, she and her husband had a serious conversation.

Brian Austin Green has confirmed the separation of Megan Fox after 10 years of marriage:

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

She said that while she was abroad and working alone, she finally felt and loved herself more at that time. Megan said she would like to try something new for herself. I was shocked and upset, but I couldn’t blame her because it was the choice she had made. She sincerely felt this need. We talked a little more and decided to leave for a short time. We had an incredible relationship, I will always love her and I know she will always love me,

– said Green.

Brian said she and Megan were still watching in horror at the other stellar couples who were separating from the scandals. Therefore, in a conversation, they immediately decided to maintain friendly and civilized relationships for the sake of their three sons. Together they decided on vacations and family vacations.

Brian Austin Green has confirmed the separation of Megan Fox after 10 years of marriage:

Green said their separation from Megan was in no way linked to the deception of one of the partners. Brian also said he was thinking of rapper Colson Baker, with whom Fox now attributes the affair to:

I never met him personally, but Megan and I talked about him. Now they are friends. Judging from what Megan said, he really is a sincere and good guy. I trust her opinion, she has always been very reasonable. I don’t want people to think they’re Megan’s baddies, and I’m a victim, because everything is completely different from what the press says. Green added that he does not rule out the possibility that they will converge again with Megan, but clarified that for a given period of time, their paths diverged:

Who knows, this may be the end of our story. However, there is still a lifetime ahead of us. Now our paths have diverged in different directions. Everything can return to normal or not return. We do not know it. I don’t want to make predictions about it because I have no idea what’s going to happen. Remember that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were married in 2010 and have three sons. In 2015, they experienced a serious relationship crisis. Next, the star couple were on the verge of divorce, but from that point on, they were stopped at the last moment by Megan’s third pregnancy.

Brian Austin Green has confirmed a breakup with Megan Fox after 10 years of marriage:

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