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UK citizens receive official letters of advice from the government during the epidemic

The British government explained how to help in trade. Photo:

Following the official video messages from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth II, the British government sent letters to citizens of the country with detailed information about the Coronavirus COVID-19. Such letters contain a brochure with Boris Johnson’s personal appeal and recommendations to the population that describe the measures the state is taking to combat the spread of the disease. the version Payspace magazine The British government shares information about what it is doing to help businesses and citizens during an epidemic.

How UK helps business

  • Allocated £ 330 billion ($ 408.8 billion) in loans and guarantees
  • £ 20 billion ($ 24.8 billion) in tax incentives and cash subsidies
  • His Majesty’s Ministry of Management for Taxes and Customs (HMRC) has deferred VAT for the current quarter

How Britain helps workers and their families

  • As part of the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme program, employers who cannot do business during an epidemic receive 80% of their salary / income per month (up to £ 2.5 thousand – a little over $ 3 thousand); Self employed citizens
  • Providing a single social payment and a tax subsidy of £ 1,040 (approximately $ 1.2 thousand)
  • In addition, 1 billion pounds ($ 1.2 billion) was allocated to help tenants.
  • A 3-month mortgage holiday has been introduced for all citizens affected by the crisis, including owners of rental properties

Citizens are allowed to go to work, provided they cannot work from home. However, the government recommends avoiding such visits.

In addition to information about ancillary businesses and citizens, the brochure also contains a list of symptoms of coronavirus (Key features of COVID-19 – High fever and persistent cough), recommendations for people over the age of 70, pregnant women and people with health problems, as well as information on self-isolation. The UK government recalled that during a quarantine period, citizens could leave their residency in many cases:

  1. For purchase of food and medicine
  2. For sports and other physical activities in the fresh air (running, walking, cycling – alone or with family members)
  3. For medical reasons, donate blood, get medical help or accompany people who need it
  4. Travel for work when necessary

In a letter, Boris Johnson assured that the government would do everything possible to help the citizens “meet the family and feed the family” during the epidemic. At the same time, he recalled the importance of quarantine due to the heavy load on the National Health Service Great Britain (NHA), which emphasized the people needed Stay at home

Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister

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According to a british newspaper GuardianIn the UK, 55,242 cases of COVID-19 coronaviruses have been officially reported, including 3,634 new infections and 6,159 fatal cases. Among the infected – Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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