British Nebank ELPASO launches services for Ukrainian businesses


Already, customers can remotely view open Euro accounts with different IBANs

Electronic Payment Solutions Limited (Great Britain) has announced the launch of a service for entrepreneurs and companies from Ukraine that provide services and business to markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

Customers of the service are developers, designers, marketers, digital experts, online merchants, less of tourist accommodation, as well as Ukrainian owners of foreign companies with registrations in more than 40 countries.

Already, customers can remotely open Euro accounts with a personal IBAN and instantly receive payments from customers and customers around the world, make SEPA and SWIFT payments in more than 20 currencies, and Ukrainian banks. You can also withdraw money earned from the card.

From El Paso Any business can quickly solve the problem of access to banking services in a foreign bank, which is relevant in today’s realities.

Sergey Bamakov

A series of major releases for ELPASO customers have been scheduled for July 2020: a mobile application, the acquisition of the Internet for online businesses, the introduction of registry payments for Ukrainian banks’ cards for individuals and entrepreneurs, and customers in Ukraine help.

Yaroslav Smkota
Co-founder of Nobank ELPASO

In 2019, ELPASO ( received an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license from the British financial regulator. The first customers were companies from the European Union and Asia. The startup is headquartered in Brighton (UK), and is engaged in Ukrainian IT company Finik.Pro R&D.

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