Brits refused entry to EU jobs due to Brexit


Britain’s withdrawal from EU will affect British independence movement

The British are denied employment in the EU. Photo:

UK citizens living in the European Union are being denied employment due to the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. This is due to the fact that Brexit will deprive the British of their right to move freely to Europe.

The British in Europe, a union of 1.2 million Britons said, the loss of rights is already becoming a reality for many people living abroad.

During the transition period after the country left the European Union, British citizens can proceed without restrictions on EU territory. At this time, the British have the right to live, work and study abroad.

In anticipation of the end of the transition period in December 2020, many employers deny British work related to international travel.

The integrated nature of EU economies makes frequent business trips to other countries, as restricting movement for independent purposes is one of the holes in the Brexit Agreement.

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On 31 January, Great Britain withdrew from the European Union, becoming one of the first countries to leave the organization, being almost a member from the moment of its foundation. On 1 February, a transitional period began for citizens and enterprises to adapt to the new circumstances. For some time, the UK will continue to implement EU law, but will no longer be represented in the organization’s institutions.

Earlier, the EU Coordinator for Cooperation with the UK Michel Barnier said that the European Union did not intend to provide London with unlimited and unlimited equality in the financial services sector.

Equivalence governance means that British financial companies will gain access to EU financial markets without the need to open local subsidiaries. However, he said that the European Union would, if possible, provide a uniformity regime in some financial sectors, as it does with Canada, USA and Japan.

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