Buckwheat, lemon, garlic: the expert has indicated which products will soon increase in Ukraine



According to the founder of the Ukrainian Association of Distribution System Providers Alexei Doroshenko, as early as the first week of April, Ukrainians should be prepared for higher prices for certain products.

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The expert mentioned this in a comment to the publication “Navigator“Writes” MFN “.

According to him, first, the price of buckwheat, lemons, garlic and bread will increase. At the same time, added Doroshenko, you should not be upset in advance, as many other products will become cheaper:

“Two weeks ago, due to the quarantine panic, we saw a sharp increase in the price of certain goods. But now, thanks to government and AMCU intervention, we will see price stabilization. “

But with regard to the products that Ukraine brings from abroad – lemons, garlic, buckwheat, pasta, bread, flour – then they will have to pay more:

“In these cases, there are all the economic reasons for the price increase. But other products should be cheaper. The Ministry of Economy and AMCU do everything for this. If that does not help, the government will take measures, such as restricting the export of certain types of raw materials and controlling socially important goods. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that ATB will lower the prices of essential products.

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