Budget changes won’t affect teachers’ salaries – Mandziy



Budget changes won't affect teachers' salaries - Mandziy

The education subsidy in the amendments adopted by the Verkhovna Rada to the budget for 2020 has not decreased by a single hryvnia, therefore, its adjustment will not affect the payment of salaries to teachers.

This was announced at an information meeting on Wednesday April 15, acting Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science, Lyubomir Mandziy, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“In the budget education grant adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, not a single hryvnia has changed. Therefore, payment to teachers of education grants should be made in accordance with expenditure approved by local authorities. Teachers should be paid an average salary, ”said Manziy.

She added that the budget also did not reduce the cost of paying the salaries of teachers in higher education institutions and that the salaries of teachers in pre-schools are taken from local budgets.

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“Consequently, this (adoption of budget amendments – note) will not affect the payment of salaries to education workers,” said the acting director. Minister.

As noted, the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the 2020 state budget on April 13.

According to the document, it is proposed to increase the state budget deficit by 202 billion UAH – up to 298.4 billion UAH (against 96.3 billion UAH), revenues are reduced from 119.75 billion UAH – to 975.8 billion UAH (compared to 1095.6 billion UAH), spending increases by 82.4 billion UAH – to 1266.4 billion UAH (against 1184 billion UAH).

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