Business explained the limits of the state loan program


Ukrainian business named the main obstacles to obtaining loans under the state program

The business talked about the limitations of the state lending program. Photo: sir

Most business representatives require a credit fund, but did not seek help from the Affordable Loan 5-7-9% program due to established restrictions in it. Has been reported Interfax With reference to a survey of 130 merchants conducted by the Federation of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SOUP).

Among these barriers to obtaining a loan under the state program are restrictions on annual income and the use of borrowed funds.

Ukrainian Entrepreneurs Association

According to the survey, 75% of the respondents did not apply for loans under this program, but 95% of the respondents felt the need for affordable loans. At the same time, 91% of respondents are representative of medium and small businesses, in particular, 43% are individual entrepreneurs. According to the CJS, half of those applying for loans were refused under this program.

An updated loan program with a maximum duration of five years, 91% satisfied the survey of business representatives, 71% were satisfied with an increased loan amount of UAH 3 million.

As stated by PMC, more than 50% of the respondent banks are not able to fulfill the conditions for collateral. At the same time, 53.3% believe that the state should guarantee repayment of debt under current circumstances, 49.2% of respondents should guarantee trade, and guarantor – 28.7%.

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We previously wrote that the Ukrainian government has made changes to the state program “Affordable Loans 5-7-9%” for small and medium-sized businesses in relation to the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Now, companies with annual income of up to 100 million can get financial support. The maximum loan amount has been increased to $ 3 million.

In addition, the goals for which loans can be extended under the program include: activities related to the production of drugs, medical devices and medical equipment, covering fixed costs that are included in the production volume (employee salaries, fares And are not dependent on utility bills, taxes and other) expenses necessary to maintain entrepreneurship).

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