Business is losing revenue: what will change in the work of companies


38% of entrepreneurs will need one year to achieve pre-quarantine pace of development

Ukrainian business is losing revenue: what will change in companies’ work. Photo:

One-third of Ukraine’s micro and small entrepreneurs lost more than half of their income – from 55 to 75%. This is evidenced by a survey by the European Business Association (EBA), in which 111 member companies of the association participated.

According to the EBA, according to a study conducted from May 15 to 21, 44% lost up to 50% of their income, another 7% are considering an option to close the company, and only 14% have their own There was no change in work or income also increased.

What period do companies plan for Reach pre-quarantine pace of development:

38% of entrepreneurs will need one year
25% – Two or more years
19% – about six months

However, only 3% reported that their level of business growth had not changed. In recovery of companies according to business Such support measures from the state can help:

  1. Reduce tax burden on payroll funds
  2. Providing a cheaper credit resource
  3. Elimination of penalties for tax violation before the end of the year

At the same time, more than half of the companies (60%) consider the option of full or partial transition to remote or shift work, with 54% saying they resume their offline work during May – June.

Elena Iro
Project Manager Unilit Ukraine

How quarantine affected pay:

48% of the respondents were able to keep their salaries unchanged
29% noted a reduction in pay,
19% of workers sent on unpaid leave

At the same time, only 59% of respondents kept employees unchanged, 33% said they would have to reduce their workforce, and 6% were looking for new employees.

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Earlier, we wrote that the Office of the National Investment Council has named the most promising sectors of the economy for investment. They became: food production; Textile production; Manufacturing garment wear; Production of pharmaceutical products; Manufacturing computer, electronic and optical products; Manufacture of electrical equipment and furniture; Enterprises for cultivation of annual and biennial crops; Telecommunications Enterprises (Telecommunications); Enterprises engaged in computer programming and related consulting.

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