Business praised President Zelenski’s year of work


What is satisfied and what does the business expect

One year later: Business praised President Zelensky’s work. Photo:

This is the year since Vladimir Zelensky’s victory in the second round of elections for the presidency of Ukraine on 21 April. The European Trade Association (EBA) evaluated the guarantor’s year of work in terms of creating a favorable investment and business environment in the country, the organization’s website reports.

Thus, the European Trade Union positively rated as 5 directions of government work:

1. Saving Macroeconomic stability By supporting NBU’s independence and low budget deficit policy (before the epidemic)

2. Initiation of unpopular decisions on demonetisation of Ukraine and opening of land market

3. Continuity Structural reformsIncluding reforms in healthcare, pension system and education, and introduced reforms in banking sector and STS

In particular, the business’s responsibility for opposing the shadow economy for not issuing fiscal checks, cashback mechanisms, compulsory use of cash register funds, as well as canceling the decree on cash discipline violations and 1% of fees for notary services Was extended.

4. Partial Ensuring the independence of market regulatorsIncluding the Antimonopoly Committee and the National Commission for State Regulation in the field of energy and utilities

5. Continuation of digitization of processes in the country – working towards the concept of “smartphone in state”

What the business expects:

  1. Continued cooperation with IMF and rapid adoption of bill on non-withdrawal of banks to former owners
  2. Creating an effective foundation to ensure a genuine fight against corruption, proper functioning of the judiciary and “fair rules of the game”
  3. Adopt modern labor law, in particular, to ensure fair taxation by simplifying tax administration, reducing the burden on wage funds, etc., speeding up harmonization of Ukrainian law with EU standards, etc.
  4. Resolving various environmental issues with the further development of cashless and paperless

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