Buy currency in FUIB online mobile app


FUIB clients can now exchange currency directly in the mobile application

Now, for customers of the first Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB), an online currency exchange service is available directly in the mobile application FUIB Online. The service provides for the purchase / sale of currencies at a rate determined by the bank on the respective day.

To use the currency exchange service, the customer must have two FUIB accounts: hryvnia and currency (in US dollars, euros or Polish zloty). FUIB credit card holders can also buy currency online for credit funds: for this select the credit card in the From field.

To perform a currency exchange operation you need to:

  • On the main page, choose the menu “Transfer” → “Currency Exchange”
  • Indicate amount and currency
  • Select the account from which the funds will be debited in the sale currency, and the account in which the funds will be credited in the purchase currency.

Mikhail Serjianko
Director, Department of Digital Business and Remote Channel Development, FUIB

For the new option appearing in FUIB Online, you will need to update the mobile application.


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