Cabinet introduced updated indicators in the state budget


The bill on the amendment of the state budget is to be considered on April 13.

Rising unemployment and falling hryvnia: The cabinet decided to change the state budget. Photo: sir

Due to the quarantine resulting from the spread of coronovirus COVID-19, Ukraine is expected to decrease GDP this year, increase unemployment and inflation, decrease in wages and decrease in hryvnia.

Cabinet has put such indicators Drafting of amendments in the state budget, Which was presented to Verkhovna Rada. Deputies should consider the bill today, April 13.

Macroeconomic indicators set in the updated state budget 2020:

  • GDP – minus 3.9% (previous forecast – plus 3.7%)
  • Unemployment – 9.4% (Previous Forecast – 8.1%)
  • Real wage drop – 0.3%
  • Average annual dollar rate – 29.5 UAH (previous forecast – 27 UAH)
  • Inflation: 2020 – 8.7%, 2021 – 5% (Previous forecast for 2020 – plus / minus 5%)

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

We wrote earlier that the government wants to change the state budget for 2020 keeping in mind the basic needs in an epidemic. Specifically, the head of government proposed raising the pension cost from 172.6 billion to 192.3 billion, the cost of repairing and constructing roads from 71.9 billion to 70.8 billion, and reducing the cost of economic development from 18 to 1 billion. 17.2 billion dollars.

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