Cabinet of Ministers improved payment for medical services under NSZU agreements



Cabinet of Ministers improved payment for medical services under NSZU agreements

The Cabinet of Ministers has improved payment for medical services under contracts with the National Health Service of Ukraine.

The corresponding decision was made at a cabinet meeting on April 15, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The proposed changes provide that data from systems such as Central 103 and the NHA information system are simultaneously data from the central database, that is, part of the electronic system for Health care. and the drugs under the medical guarantees program are carried out on the basis of information and documents entered by the institution providing medical services near, in the electronic health care system.… The introduction of the proposed changes will allow adequate payment of medical service contracts from April 1, “said Health Minister Maxim Stepanov at a government meeting.

The decree introduces modifications to the operating procedure of the electronic health system, to the procedure for keeping the national register of civil status documents for citizens, to the procedure for publishing electronic health care information from the NSZU, the procedure for the organization of the electronic register of invalidity certificates.

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These changes, among others, define the concept of central base administration, registry manager, determine that the functionality of the electronic health system should ensure compatibility and interaction with the national registry of individuals – taxpayers, etc.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers has established the characteristics of the interaction between the Ministry of Justice and the NSSU in the information exchange process. In particular, the Ministry of Justice provides the NSZU with information on state registration of birth, death, marital status, etc. through the automated exchange of electronic data between information resources of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice through an electronic interaction system of electronic state information resources.

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