Cabinet of Ministers made a number of decisions regarding child protection



Cabinet of Ministers made a number of decisions regarding child protection

Cabinet of Ministers made a number of decisions regarding child protection

01/06.2020 13:36


The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, at its meeting on Monday June 1, adopted a number of decisions concerning the protection of children.

This is reported by the government portal.

“My conviction is that attention to children must be at the highest level of the state, because they will be the ones who will eventually form the basis of our country. They will continue to build Ukraine,” said the Prime Minister. Denis Shmygal and recalled that today Ukraine and the whole world celebrate Children’s Defense Day.

According to him, our attitude towards children now is their attitude towards Ukraine in the future, it is their desire to live and develop in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said that 27 initiatives the government is considering at its meeting today are dedicated to protecting children in the following main areas.

“First. Strengthening the safety of children, protecting against abuse. For example, it is proposed to increase liability for offenses in the sale of electronic cigarettes and liquids to children. It is unacceptable that a child can buy an electronic cigarette in any stall. It’s tolerance for negative habits, “he said.

The head of government added that the second direction was to improve the child care and education system.

“In this sense, the emphasis is on everything possible for children to be brought up in families and not in boarding schools,” he said.

Shmygal launched a government decision to improve the educational conditions of children left without parents, including children with disabilities.

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In addition, the Prime Minister stressed that the government was deciding to provide housing for orphans and children without parental care.

“I am convinced that these children have the right to receive housing from the state, so this right must be realized,” he said.

Another direction in which the government decides, the Prime Minister called for the creation of a favorable and prosperous environment for raising a child in society.

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