Cabinet of Ministers Names Priorities for Education and Science Activities



Cabinet of Ministers Names Priorities for Education and Science Activities

The Cabinet of Ministers has identified as priorities for its activities the improvement of the quality of education and the development of science and innovation.

This is stated in the program of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Create the conditions for a high quality and affordable pre-school education. Continue to implement the new concept of Ukrainian school. Create an effective vocational guidance system. Create a modern teaching and production infrastructure for schools vocational education. Mobilize local governments and businesses to train skilled workers and specialists, “the document said.

The government will also strive to provide financial autonomy to higher education institutions and to change approaches to their management.

In addition, it is planned to attract financial support from international partners for the implementation of higher and vocational education reforms.

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Public funding of higher education establishments is planned on the basis of indicators of their educational, scientific and international activities.

In the field of science, the government intends to create suitable conditions for the effective activities of scientists and researchers and to promote the development of applied research.

In addition, the government’s priorities are the development of infrastructure, which will provide favorable conditions for the creation and implementation (commercialization) by innovators of their research and development results, the introduction of subsidies for science and innovation.

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