Cabinet of Ministers prepares set of conditions for those interested in Ukrainian workers – Priestayko



Cabinet of Ministers prepares set of conditions for those interested in Ukrainian workers - Priestayko

Cabinet of Ministers prepares set of conditions for those interested in Ukrainian workers – Priestayko

01/05/2020 18:49


The Ukrainian government cannot guarantee the European level of wages for Ukrainian workers, but will try to organize the overseas employment process as much as possible.

This was announced during a briefing on coordinating issues with the organized departure of seasonal workers on Friday May 1, said Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“Indeed, the government is counting on the Ukrainians who have recently worked abroad, on their aid for the development of the country, but we understand that we cannot yet offer the most active part of this workforce the European level of wages, but we are also going to make artificial barriers “Our task is to provide the organization with maximum organization. We see it as follows: if possible, we await a centralized call from the governments of the countries which are interested in our employees. “We also provide a guaranteed official job for at least three months, we expect the departure and the Arrival of these groups to be coordinated, organized, possibly charter flights, observation, tests and other necessary security measures will be provided both in the country where our employees come and when they return, “said Priestayko.

He also named the Ukrainian workers’ social insurance package and the corresponding salary level among government expectations.

“First of all, medical (insurance – editor’s note), for our employees, a decent level of maintenance and salary,” said Priestayko.

Pristayko noted that the government will try to make this process as transparent as possible and, if possible, using digital technologies.

At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister noted that such measures were an attempt to strike a balance between the security of Ukrainians who remain in Ukraine and the rights and needs of citizens who have found work abroad.

He added that from next week, all the conditions will be ready and that the government will communicate with the associations concerned, workers who wish to go to work abroad.

Pristayko also said that consultations were underway with foreign partners, partners in Ukraine, carriers, mainly airlines. In particular, today, he said, there was a meeting on these issues with UIA leaders.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that all activities aimed at resuming work abroad are part of the overall quarantine mitigation process that was introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine.

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As reported by Ukrinform, on April 29, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal noted that the Ukrainian government is ready to negotiate with European countries that are trying to invite Ukrainians to seasonal work.

On April 23, 200 Ukrainian migrant workers flew to Finland on a special flight. According to the media, this is the first charter organized by the Finns at the request of farmers. About two hundred Ukrainians have flown, and in general, a thousand Ukrainian workers plan to attract agricultural jobs to Finland. Lists of people and special flights are coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In Finland they are convinced that without these workers their agriculture cannot cope with the spring sowing. After arrival, all employees must undergo a quarantine of two weeks.

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