Cabinet of Ministers regulates food prices: price has not increased


Sellers will not be able to raise prices for buckwheat, sugar, flour and pasta without any reason

The Cabinet of Ministers has handled the regulation of food prices: which will not increase the price during an epidemic. Photo: Joint Venture

For the duration of the emergency, Denis Shimgal’s government returns to state regulation of prices for social products, drugs, and medical devices. It was said by the chairman of the National Council for Economic Development Alexei Dorshenko.

“Surveillance will be extended to 10 products, 8 pharmaceuticals and 2 medical products. If there is a plan for a price increase in the business for them, the organization of the business through electronic form is obliged to inform the State Consumer Supervision Agency. This regulation does not apply to manufacturers or suppliers.

But states will study the reasons for price increases in retail stores and pharmacies, and will be able to influence manufacturers or importers if prices rise without economic justification.

The regulation will apply to the following products: buckwheat, sugar, premium wheat flour, household pasta, 2.5% film milk, rye-wheat bread, category 1 chicken eggs, carcass chicken, 72.5% butter and water without mineral gas .

In addition, prices for medical masks and gloves will be monitored as a personal protective device during the coronovirus epidemic.

Summary PAYSPACE magazine

Remember, a recent investigation by Ukraine’s Antimonopoly Committee about the large-scale price increases of products in the country’s supermarkets showed that many retail chains and suppliers took advantage of nervousness and Ukrainians after purchasing everything. For your own benefit.

Today, Ukrainian supermarkets are well provided with social products. Also, in April this type of food store has increased significantly – the arsenal of butter increased by 48%, pasta – by 47%, by buckwheat and sunflower oil – by 36%, rice by 42%. , And another 39% more milk.

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