Cabinet of Ministers to liquidate fiscal service: what is the reason


According to the Prime Minister, this is a condition for the second installment of the IMF

The cabinet of ministers will abolish fiscal service: its name. Photo:

The government will end state fiscal service by the end of 2020. The elimination of the SFS is a prerequisite for the second tranche of macro-financial support for Ukraine. During the visit to Brussels, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shimgal announced this RBK-Ukraine

“It is one of the beacons for the second installment. This is actually a condition for the second installment. By the end of the year we should approve the concept of reform in the state tax service, ”the Prime Minister said.

Shymahal said that in order to receive a second tranche within the framework of the fifth program of providing macro-financial support to Ukraine, the new regulator (rather than SFS) must be an “intellectual, a force” body.

The politician said, “A body that will have access to databases, resources, which will discreetly search for financial violations, uncover them and transfer them to the appropriate body.”

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Earlier we reported that the International Monetary Fund named new terms for cooperation with Ukraine. Josta Lingman, IMF spokesman in Ukraine, said that to meet the conditions of the stand by the program and obtain the remaining funds, Ukraine must at least maintain the current model of central bank management, as well as inflation targeting and a temporary Do not deviate from the exchange rate.

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