Cabinet on May 11 begins to lift the first quarantine restrictions – which



Cabinet on May 11 begins to lift the first quarantine restrictions - which

Cabinet on May 11 begins to lift the first quarantine restrictions – which

05.05.2020 14:59


From May 11, the government begins to lift the first restrictions and move on to the concept of adaptive quarantine.

This was announced by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal at an extraordinary government meeting on Monday, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The government wants above all to launch as soon as possible all sectors of the economy suspended because of the epidemic. In our decisions, we are guided exclusively by the data of our specialists,” said Shmygal.

According to him, parks, squares, recreational areas will be open to visitors.

In addition, he will be allowed to work in beauty salons, hairdressers, but under certain conditions that have already been developed and will be presented by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

“We will allow the work of take-out food establishments; the work of summer cafes and outdoor restaurants in establishments registered as electricity operators. This is a very important link and the ability to control, including by local authorities, “said Shmygal.

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In addition, according to him, the wholesale and retail trade of non-food products will be allowed, with the exception of entertainment and catering areas, children’s areas in the mall.

Authorization to work under certain conditions will be granted to public service establishments according to certain criteria, museums, libraries, training in team sports for professional teams in closed bases.

“Dentists, auditors, lawyers, notaries, a household appliance service. All of this will be adopted. The decision will be published, and companies will be able to see clearly in what areas we plan to mitigate quarantine measures from May 11, “said the head of government.

At the same time, he noted that now in Ukraine there are quarantine restrictions: “Until May 11, we are asking Ukrainians to comply with the rules. These are not only calls from the government, but also our doctors, who are actually in the fore right now. It is very important to properly complete the quarantine process. “

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In addition, Shmygal has focused on the responsibility of local authorities. “We understand the importance of cooperation with local authorities, but do not ignore the rules that apply to everyone. You cannot make a decision to quit quarantine on a whim,” said the Prime Minister.

As Ukrinform reported, at an extraordinary government meeting on Monday, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine in Ukraine until May 22, but from May 11 – mitigation.

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