Cabinet proposes to cut executive salaries by: to whom and by how much



Cabinet proposes to cut executive salaries by: to whom and by how much

The government proposes that at the end of 2020, civil servants whose salary is more than 47,000 receive only half, it is also planned to reduce by 30% the amount of salaries and wages of chiefs and members of boards of monitoring of public enterprises and public enterprises.

This was announced on March 29 by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal in his telegram.

“At the time of the pandemic and the fight against coronaviruses, the Cabinet of Ministers sets clear priorities. We will support people and businesses. At the same time, senior officials should understand the situation and” tighten their belts “. The government proposes that by the end of 2020, civil servants who have only half a salary received a payment of more than 10 “minimum wages” (now 47,000 hryvnias), with the exception of workers involved in measures Covid-19 and national security and defense measures, “he said.

In addition, according to Shmygal, the government wants to cut wages and salaries by 30% for managers and members of supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

“So let’s start the state budget review by ourselves,” said the prime minister.

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Earlier today, Shmygal said the government had completed preliminary work on the state budget changes to create the Stabilization Fund to fight coronaviruses and support people and businesses. However, he said, spending on infrastructure and development, culture and education has been saved.

As Ukrinform reported, the government has decided to create the Stabilization Fund, which will be used to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

The size of the Stabilization Fund, according to various sources, will amount to 124-200 billion UAH. For its formation, a significant drop in a number of expenditures from the 2020 state budget is expected, as well as an increase in the budget deficit.

In particular, according to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy, the Ministry of Finance will propose to reduce funding for the Goskino (750 million UAH), the Ukrainian Cultural Fund (500 million UAH), the ‘Institute of books (150 million UAH) and tourism (240 million UAH)), as well as the expenses of the program “Assemblage of the country”, restoration works to protect the historical and cultural heritage, programs of information policy – amounting to more than 500 million UAH.

The possibility of budget cuts for some infrastructure projects was also noted.

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