Cabinet released list of types of care in hospitals during quarantine



Cabinet released list of types of care in hospitals during quarantine

Cabinet released list of types of care in hospitals during quarantine

05.05.2020 19:38


The Cabinet of Ministers has published a list of the types of medical care allowed in hospitals during quarantine.

The relevant resolution of May 4, No. 322 on the amendments to paragraph 8 of Resolution No. 211 of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine of March 11, 2020 has been published on the government portal.

The promulgated resolution, in particular, stipulates that during the quarantine period, health establishments are not authorized to carry out planned hospitalizations and operations, except:

  • the provision of medical care in the regions of the city of Kiev, where the occupancy rate of beds in health facilities designated for the hospitalization of patients with a confirmed case of COVID-19 is less than 50 percent;
  • medical assistance due to the complicated course of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • medical care for pregnant women, working women, newborns;
  • to provide medical care in the specialized services of health establishments to cancer patients;
  • the provision of palliative care under stationary conditions;
  • perform other urgent and urgent measures of hospitalization and planned operations, if, following their transfer (postponement), there is a significant risk for life.

“Patients who receive medical care as part of planned hospitalization or elective surgery are subject to mandatory testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 coronovirus using the polymerase chain reaction,” says the resolution.

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Earlier, in the relevant paragraph concerning medical care, it was noted that the Ministry of Health should ensure the temporary suspension of planned hospitalization and planned operations, except for emergencies and emergencies.

As Ukrinform reported, on March 12, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced quarantine in Ukraine to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. At present, the quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until May 22, 2020 and, from May 11, its gradual reduction will take place.

As of May 4, according to the cost center, in Ukraine, 12,331 cases of COVID-19 have been laboratory confirmed, in particular 303 deaths, 1,619 patients have recovered. 418 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded per day.

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