Cabinet simplifies receipt of unemployment benefits


Earlier, former Minister of Economics Timofei Milovanov predicted that as a result of the crisis, up to half a million Ukrainians could lose their jobs

Unemployment benefits and quarantine: The Prime Minister briefed the details. Photo:

The Ukrainian government has made it easier for citizens to receive unemployment benefits during the quarantine period. Now, Ukrainians will be able to achieve the status of unemployment and the purpose of payment from the first day of application, Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal said in the official Telegram channel.

Denis Shimgal
Prime Minister of Ukraine

Recall, former Minister of Economics Timofei Milovanov predicted that the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic could leave unemployed up to half a million.

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Earlier we wrote that in the first 12 days of quarantine in Ukraine, the number of applicants increased by about 60% compared to the same period in February. Also, if in 2019 and early 2020, the TOP-3 areas for job search were: “Career Start”, “IT, Telecom” and “Sales”, then from March 12 to March 23, Disha “Top Exited “a career debut”, squeezed by the top management professional sector, which held 5% to 10%.

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