Cancer Institute chief claims blackmail after finding major research fraud



Cancer Institute chief claims blackmail after finding major research fraud

Cancer Institute chief claims blackmail after finding major research fraud

05/05/2020 21:54


The National Cancer Institute’s acting director, Alexander Yatsyna, announces media attacks against him after submitting documents to the prosecution for falsifying tender documents for more than 20 million UAH.

About this deputy director for treatment and coordination of the National Cancer Institute, and. about. Research director Yatsyn wrote on his Facebook page.

“With the new leadership of the Ministry of Health, we continue to take all measures to eliminate any theft of public funds, criminal regimes that hinder the development of the National Cancer Institute. We must do it as soon as possible, we “We will use all the resources necessary for this. This is the number one priority for the state and for me personally. Our team will not allow patients to fly,” writes Yatsyna.

He said that last week he “had filed with the prosecution the opening of three criminal proceedings based on the results of an internal audit at the National Cancer Institute. In particular, on the falsification of appeal documents offers for more than 20 million hryvnias. We also discovered a huge shortage of medical supplies in the institute’s warehouse. “The audit is continuing and we are not going to stop.”

Yatsyna believes that these “investigations have made opponents nervous, who maintain with all their might corrupt schemes. New media attacks have started against me and my team, manipulative facts are spreading, threats continue to appear. We have anticipate this and are ready to respond to any provocation. I emphasize: we act only in the interest of the State, the institution and the patients. “

He said: “I was surprised to learn from the media of my alleged involvement in the acquisition of funds for the purchase of medicines which were ultimately not purchased. I inform that all the information indicated on the circumstances of receipt of funds by me are not true. rights never included the purchase of drugs. “

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According to Yatsyna, he filed a statement with the police on April 29, in which he noted the extortion on his part, as head of the National Cancer Institute, “to take certain measures, including the intimidation of the possibility of a deliberately false report of a crime by the citizen Yevgeny Yachmenev “.

And by the way. The research director points out that a pre-trial verification is done on this fact, during which he will present evidence of his innocence.

On May 4, the media reported that the investigative service of the Desniansky Police Department of the Kiev State Police Department conducted a preliminary investigation in criminal proceedings concerning the alleged embezzlement of 400,000 UAH of Yatsyna fraudulently. The preliminary investigation began after the call of a citizen E. Yachmenev.

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