Candidates for the post of head of the NSZU spoke about the interviews with Stepanov



Candidates for the post of head of the NSZU spoke about the interviews with Stepanov

Candidates for the post of head of the NSZU spoke about the interviews with Stepanov

02/02.2020 23:51


Several candidates for the post of head of the National Health Service spoke of an interview with the Minister of Health, which took place on June 2 online on the ZOOM platform.

According to the results of the interviews, briefings of the candidates Natalya Ryabtseva, Oksana Sukhorukova, Irina Litovchenko and Oleg Petrenko took place on the premises of the NSZU, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“Despite the fact that the selection procedure itself is considerably simplified compared to a full-blown competition for category A posts, nevertheless, some violations occurred even in this procedure. In particular, for me, and not only for me, because a candidate was refused a request to postpone the date of the interview, although this is planned in order. Although the interview is scheduled for 30 minutes (although it is not still enough to determine if the person is fit), in fact in my case it lasted 20 minutes, part of which was devoted to administrative matters, “said Natalya Ryabtseva, vice president of the NHA.

She also said that the interview took place using the ZOOM app – despite official recommendations not to use this platform in the work of government bodies.

“As for the interview itself, he asked fairly simple questions, for which it was enough to read the law on state financial guarantees of medical care for the population. And as a person with experience in this field, I didn’t quite understand what was being tested at the time of the interviews, “said Ryabtseva.

According to her, in a full competition procedure, all candidates undergo several tests, an interview with the committee, an interview with the subject of the appointment. And the candidate selection procedure, which has been carried out by the Ministry of Health, does not allow the correct selection of a candidate for a position as important as that of head of the National Health Service.

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Ryabtseva added that she did not consider the video publication of the interviews announced by the Minister of Health as a sufficient level of transparency – given that on June 3, it was planned to announce the winner of this selection.

“This means that even if these videos are downloaded, very few people will have time to watch them. And in the case, for example, of disagreeing with the decision on the results of the selection, it is somehow I think transparency is ensured by having access to this procedure for people who are impartial and can observe how it happens, “said Ryabtseva.

In turn, the Director General of the Directorate of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health Oksana Sukhorukova noted that in his case, there had been a brief conversation during which it was not possible to assess the ability to the candidate to exercise certain functions.

“Today’s interview was formal, five questions were asked, I don’t understand where I was tested as a specialist, where I was assessed as a manager, as a leader”, said Sukhorukova, noting that she had been interviewed in private companies, where they had been tested for a long time. candidate’s integrated managerial qualities, values, risk manager skills and others.

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The former chief of strategic planning of the Ministry of Health, Irina Litovchenko, said that the interview in her case lasted about 12 minutes.

The head of the NSZU in 2018-2019, Oleg Petrenko, said that the interview could not be called a selection.

“It is a screen for making a formal decision, which involves going down to a proven state institution,” said Petrenko.

According to him, this will result in the loss of what already exists – the implementation of state financial guarantees in the field of medicine.

As Ukrinform reported, in January 2020, a competition was held for the post of head of the National Health Service, with the acting candidates having become finalists in the competitive selection. the head of the NSZU Oksana Movchan, the deputy head of this service, Natalia Ryabtseva, the head of one of the departments Andrei Vilensky.

After questioning the Senior Public Service Commission, they were to be questioned by the Minister of Health.

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On May 20, Maxim Stepanov announced that he had rejected all applications for the post of head of the NSZU.

On May 22, the Cabinet of Ministers announced a new competition for the position of President of the NLSS. The deadline for filing documents has extended to May 27.

On June 2, Stepanov announced that he would interview candidates selected by the personnel department during the day.

In addition, the broadcasting of interviews with several candidates for the post of head of the NHA was organized – with their agreement – on the premises of the National Health Service.

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